Saturday, February 14, 2009

art, inspired by fashion

this is my version of one of the photos from Jourdan Dunn's editorial from, i-D September 2008, which she was on the cover of. the title of the editorial is "the witching hour". the shot from the magazine:
the painting
oil on 11x14 canvas panel.

I'm still working on another painting based on a shot from aline weber's editorial, but it is much more abstract as to say the influence is looser, the painting is not a copy of the photo. that entire issue was filled with amazing pictures, if I could I would sit for days painting them all.


Modelizer said...

It's so lovely! The eyes are amazingly on point.

Oil is so hard to work with, so major kudos on that.

Oh and I totally just ranted to your comment since I was making a ranty post at the same time about certain shows. haha

Scattered said...

Thank you! it means a lot, I spent what adds up to a couple of days working on the eyes, then I gave up a bit on the rest.

I just saw it and replied, what can I say I'm tots psychic haha

Anonymous said...

OMG i love it, you are really good.