Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I don't care about clever I don't care about funny

these shots are old news and bad quality but because it's lily allen it's worth it. I'm a fangirl OKAY. 
enter like a thug in her hood
see that little whit wife beater above the crowd? that her haha, I was standing pretty close too but alas the fisheye is a camera that directs to get realllllly close, "within 4 inches". still kind of cool in an artsy way. as in, "O em G thatz soh artzie".


Anna said...

look like you've had a lot of fun! (:

Modelizer said...

I wish I could have seen my home girl lily perform in NY. Her PR people are impossible to get a hold of. I was considering even getting a twitter and twatting at her, but refrained. haha

Scattered said...

thats really annoying, after the concert we stopped by to meet her and tried to get a picture but she only took a few pictures with fans and then her people shuffled her onto the bus, disappointing to say the least. twitters probably the best way to reach her honestly what with her tweeted ticket scavenger hunts hahaha.