Monday, March 16, 2009

playing favorites

now that it is all over, here are my top 3 shows for Fall/Winter 2009-10
Commes de Garcons by Rei Kawakubo
I'm not a pink girl, but I especially loved the kiss scarves worn on the girl's faces. the thought of wrapping up in jackets, coats, and even blankets for winter really appeals to me. besides, I always love CDG.

Miu Miu by Miuccia Prada
I loved both Prada and Miu Miu this season. At Miu Miu, the big comfy coats paired with the bikini style bras looked nontraditional, and defeated the purpose of the wool coat, but lovely none the less. with the exception of the furry pair, I loved loved the shoes, especially the ones that matched the beaded tights. 

Missoni by Angela Missoni
oh, Missoni, one day I WILL be able to afford you and all of your classic-patterned glory. really, with this collection you had me at the scarves. again, the bundling up in coats, sweaters, and scarves is how I want to look in the winter. if it ever gets cold here, which it has been lately!

what can I say, I have a type.  but I don't know what to say about the light pink, because I don't wear it or like. if I find anything on the cheap that looks like any of this maybe with grey instead, consider it mine. the collections either showed bundled up, see through top, or hey, even both. I personally love all the excess layers, especially blankets and scarves.

side note- I know this has been so dead, but my camera is on the fritz. good news is I will have more lovely art up starting TOMORROW! come back and che che check it out, man.

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Modelizer said...

I think Missoni was the strongest it's been in a very long time and the strongest collection from all the weeks. Honestly they did it perfectly, they didn't turn on their back for what their known for and decided to evolve. I think it's how every house that's done a sudden 180 should be ran. None of this fake Balmain Pucci shit.

Scattered said...

YES, i agree completely. missoni always has the classic missoni pattern, they have kept it in even their weakest collections. it's so recognizable, why give it up? the pucci really was beyond an upset, it was just embarrassing. gone is the pucci of bold colors and patterns reminiscent of rich hippies, now we get this hipster bullshit.